I have loved music since I was very young. And thanks to my father, I've always had a passion for technology. Being a gear junky, I started collecting equipment while in high school. I was always the guy freinds turned to when they needed music for their parties. Through the years, dad frequently aquired some pretty amazing equipment that just added fuel to the fire. Along the way, I spent several years driving limousines specializing in weddings & proms. Through working as a chaufer, I picked up work with a couple photographers, a videographer and even worked with a wedding planner as an event coordinator. All these positions have given me a unique opportunity to see the wedding & entertainment industry from several angles.
I started TransAtlantic Entertainment at the beginning of 2010 after working with a local DJ company for a while. Located in New Milford, Connecticut, the company services all of Connecticut & Rhode Island and large portions of Southeastern New York including Manhatten and Long Island, Western Massachusettes and Northern New Jersey.
Whether you decide to hire a DJ or a band, music is an important part of any event. A lot of work goes into putting together a wedding or party and you don't want the process to be any harder than is necessary. When you book your event with TransAtlantic Entertainment, we are always just a phone call or email away. We will set up a time to meet with you and discuss your entertainment needs and go over the service contract with you. You won't ever be left in the dark or left wondering what will happen on your special day.

We don't believe in being rushed, that's how mistakes are made. During the planning stages of your event, we will coordinate with the event facility to ensure that we know where the DJ will be able to set up the equipment, how early we can arrive at the facility to set up or if we will need any special assistance getting our equipment to the setup location. These are not issues you want to have to worry about, so we will do the worrying for you. Most event facilities are very accommodating and a little communication can go a long way. With some advance information, the DJ won't be in a hurry to setup or end up starting late because of technical difficulties.

Since the DJ is often tasked with serving as the Master of Ceremonies as well as providing entertainment, we will discuss wedding party introductions and any other announcements that will be appropriate for your event. We will also go over the various activities that will take place during the event

We know that planning any event can take its toll on anyone, especially in a difficult economy. There is a lot of satisfaction in seeing people smiling, laughing and having a great time and knowing that we could help to make it happen. The work put in prior to the event will make all the difference and we look forward to being a part of that process.

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